A How To


* This screen will list all quizzes created alphabetically.
* Selecting a quiz will bring you to that quiz’s start page.
* “Add New” allows you to create a new quiz. This will be the last selection in the list 
* “Edit Quiz Name” allows you to edit a specific quiz name.


* Choose “Add New”.
* Enter what you would like the quiz name to be.
* Type in questions. Type in answers. Be sure of spacing especially for when testing in the written answer format.
* While creating a quiz you have the ability to record your voice. This will be a recording of the question when you are taking the quiz. If you do not record your voice, the TEXT-TO-Speech function will work and will speak your question to you. If you do not want a written question, such as for a spelling test, please use a mock question as a placeholder. A good example of mock questions is assigning a numerical value to each question.
* “Options” allows you to select various fonts, font sizes, and font colors.
* When you are done, press finish.
* If you make any mistakes you can always change them in under “Edit Quiz” (explained below)


* “Start” begins the Quiz. A new quiz will always default to the flashcard format. A quiz that has been changed to an alternate format, will remain in that format until changed.
* “Check Scores” allows you to see your last ten scores for the selected quiz, also next to the scores it will tell you what type of quiz you took,
MC = Multiple Choice
FC = Flash Card 
WA = Written Answer
* “Edit Quiz” brings you to the Edit Quiz page


* “Back” will bring you back to the quiz start page. 
* “Format” will allow you to choose which type of quiz you would like to test yourself with. Flash Card, Multiple Choice, and Written Answer (Fill in the Blank). Press done after you choose your format.
* “Add” is used to add additional questions and answers. Press add to save the question and answer. Press cancel to return to edit quiz.
* “Edit” is used to individually edit questions or answers. To select a question to edit, press edit then select the row that the question is on. To change the font, font sizes, or text color select any row and then press the “Options” button. Press modify to save the changes, or exit to exit without saving the changes.
* “Delete Quiz” will delete the entire quiz.

* Selecting and Deselecting: By pressing on a row you will select and deselect that question. If a question is deselected the box on the right will not be checked and the question will not appear while taking the quiz.

Its up!!!

The App is up!! Quiz Kid is available on the App Store, there was some confusion about the release date between Apple and I so I apologize for not letting everyone know sooner. Please follow this link to get to the app, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quiz-kid/id467692479?mt=8

My app

Quiz Kid is an app designed for students, by a student! Create and use your own custom Flash Cards with tons of options including Written Answer, Multiple Choice or traditional Flash Card! Record your own voice or use built-in TEXT-TO-SPEECH to have the question spoken! This is great for spelling questions where reading the question would give away the answer! This is a perfect study tool for students of all ages, from grade school through college.

The idea for Quiz Kid came to me while I was sitting in my school library, studying for an upcoming test. I took out my Ipod and searched the App Store for a flash card app that I could use to study. The only things that came up in the search were apps that only gave me pre-made flash cards. I needed something else, and that got me thinking. For the last six months I have been dedicated to this project. As of yesterday the app was sent off to Apple for approval. I am currently awaiting to hear back for it to be released onto the market and begin the launch.

Quiz Kid Icon

Quiz Kid Icon